Boo! Ekeren 29/03/04

Boohoohoo… it’s all over and done with, that fantastic Boo! tour in Europe.

Yes I know, this was supposed to be a website merely promoting folk and gothic music (yes, that’s right, I’m in fact one of those people wearing long black skirts and listening to very unfashionable music!), but here I am nagging about monkipunk again. This website really starts looking like a Boo! shrine, but I promise I won’t do it again, at least, not until the next time.

You know, I only recently discovered the yahoo newsgroup of Boo! - shame on me! - and only yesterday did I read Chris Chameleon's explanation of his being attacked by two men in his house in South-Africa. How horrible that must have been! But what struck me most, was Chris's pacifistic attitude. In fact, he really has something hippy-ish about him, doesn't he? Not in his looks of course, but in his ideas of peace, love and happiness. Really, Chris is simply too good for this world! Which confirms of course Jan Lissens' view, namely that not only Marcel's trousers come from another dimension, but also the members of Boo! themselves. And in all honesty, I strongly suspect Jan originating from that same dimension, but hush, don't tell anyone!

Now, about the concert, ...

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Warming up...

I know, you’re all waiting for the Boo! review – at least, that’s what I hope for – but let’s start with the beginning. I must admit that I felt a bit disappointed when I first laid eyes upon the “Ekerse theaterzaal”. It sounded rather posh, but in reality the small, old fashioned and cheerless hall looked in nothing like a “theaterzaal”.
When I arrived, there was hardly a soul on the premises. Ampie was sitting at the entrance next to a guy selling tickets. How I felt like saying to him that he should let other people do this work for him and that he should have a chat with me instead, but I kept my mouth shut like a true coward. I wandered about a bit and checked out the lavatory. This proved to be a great challenge. It could have been a nice concept for a game: find the door with a lock that actually functions and, moreover, find the toilet paper!
It took me a while to recover from those first impressions, but I wasn’t planning to let that ruin my evening, so I opened up my heart to the support act, or at least I tried to.
What was I thinking in saying that Zita Swoon might be the surprise act? How I would have loved this, though: Chris Chameleon singing a duet with Stef Kamil Carlens … this would surely be any girl’s wet dream – if we could have those, that is!
Instead, the surprise act turned out to be a local band playing surf music. In their neat suits combined with Hawaiian shirts, they were adequately dressed for that purpose too! I failed to catch the name of the band, unfortunately, and I failed to catch most of their gig too I’m afraid, since a major part of the audience obviously didn’t care.
I must admit that I’m not really into surf music, but I do find it rather amusing. The younger part of the audience seemed to be sceptical, except for a few brave girls who were obviously already warming up for Boo! The elder part of the audience, however, seemed to be rather enjoying the Shadow-like surf music.
Now well, of course it isn’t that easy to be Boo!’s support act: either you should already have a considerable fan club, or you should be as nuts as the members of Boo! themselves, like Yumi Yumi for example. The support act surely wasn’t bad, but everyone was waiting for …

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... the real thing

There are no more certainties in this world.

Today, princess Leonie wasn’t wearing white socks, at least not visibly. Marcel wasn’t wearing his lucky pair of jeans either. I felt completely disorientated.
I think we should stop writing reviews, for they actually seem to read them. It struck me too that Chris started speaking about his hair cut today, which I just mentioned in my previous review. A mere coincidence surely, but let a young girl (or should I say a not that old girl) dream on, will you! Chris told the audience that he would like to wear a mullet (in Dutch: een matje of tapijtje in de nek…). Dear Chris, in that case, I will seriously have to reconsider being a fan of yours! Did you know that the true mullet spirit is nothing without a moustache and really big sunglasses?! Why don’t you consider wearing a mohawk instead? You do play monkiPUNK, don’t you?

Chris looked rather yumi yumi in his black narrow pants and finally I had the opportunity to admire Ampie in real life wearing his “Nicole and Hugo” outfit, which looked less “Nicole and Hugo” than I’d imagined. I also loved Leon’s shirt in fluorescent blue with buttons all over it: very cool indeed! Well I really start sounding like a groupie, don’t I? Shall I come to the point, then?

The gig was as good as ever I guess, but I cannot get rid of the thought that the circumstances could have been better. From where I stood, I had the impression that the sound wasn’t optimal. Judging from the pictures, the light was also far from ideal. But maybe I’m just a spoilt brat! When I was at school, I certainly would have appreciated it if my school had organised lectures on life in South-Africa followed by a concert. So, way to go Sint-Lambertus! At least, this last show enabled me to absorb just enough of Boo! to make it through the coming Boo!-less months.

Unfortunately, I had to leave during “Number one” in order to catch a bus to the railway station. Can anyone tell me whether they played many other songs after that??? Of course, when I arrived at the station, my train was standing there sadistically with all doors closed for another five minutes, before leaving me behind in Antwerpen-Centraal.

Sometimes even the life of a Boo! fan can be hard. Luckily, there’s always their music to cheer me up again!

More pictures? View Slideshow? Send e-card?"

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Ampie Omo: extra zacht en witter dan wit!

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Boo!: our source of inspiration

It must be said that Boo! is a source of inspiration for many a man/woman.
I, for a start, rediscovered that I adore writing, mainly because Boo! actually gave me something to write about.
And Jan Lissens, a man of many talents, began producing flabbergasting Boo! limericks, apparently with the same ease as blowing his nose.
Moreover, there’s Jason, who’s inspired into making beautiful drawings of the South-African trio, as you can see for yourself.
And then I didn’t even mention all those people who are inspired into jumping and dancing around at Boo! gigs all over the world.
Well, let us be their source of inspiration for once!
Let’s give the band a big fat Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo filled with magic, so as to give them lots of inspiration as they are recording their new album!

Meanwhile, they will certainly keep us posted at:


And if we are tormented by nostalgia we can always jump in at one of the following websites in order to relive their gigs:



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Boo! 26/03 in Paradiso

Haha! I got you! You thought that I went to Holland to see Boo!? Well I didn't, most unfortunately for myself. BUT... thanks to fabchannel.com I could enjoy the whole gig, sitting comfortably behind my pc. Well, ok, it wasn't that comfortable, since every three minutes the screen froze and the music stopped. But, hey, you don't hear me complaining. A fantastic initiative, that Paradiso webcam! Those Dutchmen are way ahead of us!
Anyway, it seemed like a damn nice performance. I had the impression that there was a great atmosphere, but of course this is a bit difficult to judge from behind a computer screen.
You know what? After my previous review, Chris wrote me a little e-mail and he explained that a Dutch journalist did not understand why Boo! is so successful. Apparently that journalist thought that all songs were alike and that they merely played unoriginal pop music. How can this be? The band invented a brand new music genre, consists of three very skilled musicians and succeeds time after time in getting the audience to move their asses! Isn't that enough? Ok, I must admit, maybe I lost a bit of my objectivity in the course of five Boo! performances, but hey, I do can criticize them, you know! I could say for example that Chris desperately seems to need a haircut. Such details are a bit difficult to discover when you are dancing the whole time, but it struck me while I was watching the webcast. And today Ampie, who was wearing white elephant trousers, looked a bit like Nicole & Hugo, the world-famous Belgian duo who ended last in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. No no no, just joking guys, you could cut your hair like the Beatles and wear rubbish bags, you'd still would have more charisma than, let's say, Elvis Presley. 
Talking about Elvis, during "Sting", Chris's voice sounds very much like Elvis and today I even discovered that he twitched his lip like Elvis!
And then there was Boo! manager Marcel. At a given moment, I really thought that Marcel would steal the show. There he was, having a nice chat with drummer Princess Leonie in the middle of the show. I thought that he would grab a pair of drumsticks and start drumming too, but alas, his moment of glory has not yet come, although we all worship him for exporting Boo! out of the jungle and bringing them into our dull world.
Now there's only one major problem left to me... 29 March in Ekeren, should I go or should I go? Really, I don't know what to decide! It's rather far away and I don't find any victims to join me, and moreover, being 26, I will feel rather old standing there between those pupils. But on the other hand, I keep wondering what that special act might be! It couldn't be Zita Swoon by any chance? I certainly hope that it won't be Samson & Gert*, given the fact that the gig takes place in a school. Anyway, you can always talk me into going, just post a reaction or send me an e-mail! I really don't think that I'll need a lot of convincing, but a little bit sure would help.

* For the foreigners amongst you: "Samson & Gert" is an extremely popular children's program about a fluffy fake dog, called Samson, and his master, Gert, both saying all sorts of stupid things and happily singing catchy songs.

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Garmarna op 21/03 in CC De Stroming in Sleidinge

Tja, wat kan ik zeggen? Het zal een lang verhaal, maar een korte bespreking worden. We hebben net genoeg van het optreden gezien, om ons ongelofelijk slecht te voelen dat we driekwart ervan gemist hebben.

Er rotsvast van overtuigd dat het concert om 21u zou beginnen, vertrokken we rond 20u10 richting Sleidinge, een half uurtje rijden vanuit Gent, dachten we. Alles verliep vlotjes, tot daar plots, ergens vrij dicht in de buurt van ons doel, die o zo gevreesde, oranje borden … "omleiding" opdoemden. Urenlang (zo leek het) , werden we langs onverlichte straatjes doorheen de meest pittoreske landschappen geleid, of dat vermoeden we toch, want we konden nauwelijks verder kijken dan onze neus lang was. Na zeven minuten omrijden begonnen we echt wel te vrezen dat een of andere grapjas een van die borden in de verkeerde richting had gezet, want het einde kwam maar niet in zicht. Toen we dan eindelijk in een iets bredere en verlichte straat terechtkwamen was de opluchting groot. Plots zie ik daar een verkeersplateau liggen, en -à la Hyacinth Bouquet "Richard dear, do mind the pedestrian"- maan ik de chauffeur aan tot voorzichtigheid. Daarop remt die prompt, nog lang voor we het plateau bereikt hebben en we horen een doffe klap. Ik was me nog van geen kwaad bewust, tot ik het verbouwereerde gezicht van de chauffeur in de gaten kreeg. Het was blijkbaar een poes, wat wel een grote domper zette op de euforie van twee kattenliefhebbers die eindelijk eens de kans kregen om Garmarna live te zien. Toen we uiteindelijk om 21u het cultureel centrum als het ware ontdekten, nog steeds in de waan dat we mooi op tijd waren, kwam de tweede schok; het concert was om 20u begonnen. Mijn teleurstelling kan ik onmogelijk beschrijven, maar ik was er vrij zeker van dat we een onvergetelijk concert gemist hadden, aangezien ik Garmarna jaren geleden al eens had gezien in de Biertent op het folkfestival van Dranouter.

Toen we plaatsnamen op de zitjes vooraan in de zaal volgde een nieuwe overrompeling: wat een stem, wat een muziek! En tegelijkertijd was er dat ongemak van op die stoeltjes te moeten blijven zitten, in plaats van naar voren te stormen en de groep, al dansend, of toch bewegend, onze waardering te tonen. Garmarna is dan ook zeker geen duffe folkgroep: ze wisselen zachte nummers af met harder werk en laten hun traditionele folk toch door modernere genres beïnvloeden. Hun instrumentale jam-sessie op het einde van het "Herr Holger" zou zeker bij menig rocker in de smaak gevallen zijn. Voor ons was het concert jammer genoeg al bijna gedaan voor het goed en wel begonnen was, maar we hebben toch ongelofelijk genoten van de laatste vijf nummertjes van deze onberispelijke live-band. We hebben net genoeg geproefd om te weten dat het naar meer smaakt. Maar wanneer we onze degustatie zullen kunnen verder zetten, valt nog af te wachten. Hopelijk moet ik weer geen zeven jaar wachten voor ik mijn flater kan rechtzetten!

More pictures? View Slideshow? Send e-card?

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Verslag door Anouschka

Eerst en vooral zou ik willen zeggen dat ik geen doorwinterde folkkenner ben, maar via mijn vriend heb ik in de afgelopen 2 jaar het één en ander leren kennen, oa Garmarna, en het beviel me wel. Toen Julie me vorig week vroeg of ik zin had om naar een optreden van Garmarna in CC de Stroming te Sleidinge te gaan, heb ik dan ook geen moment getwijfeld. Na wat rond te vragen, vonden we een aantal vrienden die een avondje Garmarna wel zagen zitten (hoe meer zielen, hoe meer vreugd!) en zo trekken we zondagavond 21/01/04 met een volle auto richting De Stroming. Deze Stroming vinden we echter niet onmiddellijk; het kan zijn dat het aan ons ligt, maar ik wijt het aan de sierlijke, doch onleesbare letters van het bord dat aan de oprit staat, en aan de locatie: goed weggestopt achter een herenhuis.
Als we binnenkomen, mogen we de zaal nog niet in, dus wachten we even in de cafetaria die volgens mij veel weg heeft van wat je ook wel eens in ziekenhuizen onder de term "cafetaria" kunt vinden, lees: ongezellig.
Stipt om 20.00 mogen we binnen in de zaal, die piepklein maar fijn is. Wij zitten op de achterste rij, en gezien de grootte van de zaal zitten we nóg bijna met onze neus op het podium. Mij bevalt deze plaats heel erg, want nu zit het gevaar er niet in dat ik een heel optreden lang gestoord zal worden door de voeten van de persoon achter mij, die in mijn rug zit te porren.
Een kleine 10 minuten later verschijnt Garmarna en ze vliegen er direct vol gas in. Natuurlijk is het dan wel wat spijtig voor het publiek dat dit een zittend concert is, want deze muziek nodigt tot dansen uit, ondanks het feit dat er ook tragere nummers tussen zitten. Toch zie ik zijdelings van het podium een koppel enthousiast enkele danspasjes wagen en ook ik zit geregeld op mijn stoeltje te huppen. Dat ook de rest van het publiek zich laat meeslepen door de muziek wordt duidelijk bij het eerste bisnummer. Drummer Jens steekt bij wijze van aanmoediging zijn drumsticks omhoog, tikt ze tegen elkaar en al vlug volgt zowat de helft van het publiek met enthousiast handgeklap.
Garmarna speelt een goed anderhalfuur, zonder pauze, en het lijkt zo voorbij te zijn. Ik verveel me dus geen minuut en volgens mij komt dit mede doordat de groep voor een mooi afwisselende set gekozen heeft: de up-tempo dansbare nummers worden op tijd en stond afgewisseld door de tragere, melancholische liedjes.
Jammer genoeg ken ik niet genoeg van Garmarna om de titels van de gespeelde nummers te kunnen geven (ik ben al blij dat ik de meeste nummers herken) maar daar zal spoedig verandering in komen. Het optreden heeft me ervan overtuigd om vaker naar de Garmarna –cd’s van mijn vriend te luisteren. Een aantal nummers laten een diepe indruk op me na nl de Hildegard von Bingen interpretaties en het liedje over het trollenvrouwtje dat met een mensenprins wil trouwen, dat laatste zou ik zelfs mijn kippenvelmoment durven te noemen.
Aangezien de nummers in het Zweeds zijn en de meeste mensen deze taal niet machtig zijn, licht zangeres Emma de nummers in haar schattige, aarzelende Engels toe. De grootste verrassing komt echter wanneer bassist Rickard zijn mond open doet: hij spreekt Nederlands! En niet het gebruikelijke "goedenavond België" maar prachtige volzinnen (weliswaar met een Hollands accent, maar toch…). Ik ben onder de indruk.
Behalve het feit dat Garmarna uit goede muzikanten bestaat, zijn ze ook heel aangenaam om naar te kijken: meerdere malen krijg ik bijna de slappe lach bij het zien van de podiumkunsten van de violist en van de gitarist : de eerste staat te springen en te dansen dat het geen naam heeft (in het begin totaal uit de maat, maar dat heeft ook zo zijn charme), de tweede ziet er uiterst blits uit in zwarte outfit en witte basketbalschoentjes én staat op een podium met een ware rock and roll attitude... net als de bassist trouwens: zo "cool" op het podium, dat stel je je meestal niet voor bij folk. Qua beweeglijkheid valt de zangeres volledig uit de toon, maar dit compenseert ze gelukkig ruimschoots met haar prachtige stem.
Na het optreden drinken we nog een glas in de cafetaria en praten we nog wat na. We zijn het er allemaal over eens: irritante stoeltjes, maar wat een zalig optreden. De volgende keer ben ik er zeker weer bij, en hopelijk kan er dan wél gedanst worden!

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Boo! 20/03 Scherpenheuvel

But first: The Hitchhiker's guide to Monkipunk:


Who are Boo! for heaven’s sake? Basically, they are a cracked bunch of South-Africans who refer to their music as “Monkipunk” and who caught the public eye here in Belgium after they supported Zita Swoon in 2001. “Monkipunk, ey?”, I can hear you thinking… I would describe their music as ska with funky influences spiced up with a few “artisanal” jungle sounds. But what a load of twaddle, in fact, they cannot be compared to any other existing band or type of music: Boo! is unique.


The band consists of three people, all equally indispensable. Chris Chameleon is the singer/bass player. He’s good at making faces too! Leon, aka Boney Leonie aka Princess Leonie is the guy torturing the drums with a passion as if he was actually born with drum sticks in his hands. Ampie Omo plays the keyboards and the trumpet and sometimes … both at the same time. And then we even forgot to mention the trombone, the bongo and the triangle… Ampie actually succeeds in playing all those instruments all in one song!


Now, Chris really has a dazzling range of voice, stretching from a very high to a low pitch, and he can produce the weirdest sounds. Really, I bet he could imitate an elephant if he wanted to (it might be a nice test, don’t you think?)!


Should “stemakrobaat” (vocal acrobat) have been Afrikaans for “singer”, then I’m sure Chris would have been the cause of this. Unfortunately, Afrikaans is much older than Chris (fortunately for us, otherwise Chris would have been as old as the hills by now!) and according to my online Afrikaans dictionary, they simply call him “sanger”, which is probably the only Afrikaans word that sounds unoriginal!


The great thing about Boo! concerts is that the audience starts going wild from the very start, for they really play “feel-good” music. Everyone ought to go to a Boo! concert from time to time! Psychologists and psychiatrists would be out of a job in no time and antidepressants such as Prozac would wither away. Imagine for example a whole audience singing “I’m so happy to be myself, no rather be nobody else, proud to be myself, no rather be nobody else…” Ok, this might sound a bit arrogant, but arrogance is certainly a sin that Boo! cannot be accused of. Before and/or after their gig, Chris and Ampie always seem to be in for a chat with their fans. To put it briefly, Boo! is a live band par excellence. The best way to discover them is going to a gig, even without knowing their music, and before you know it, you will become like me … you’ll have seen them plenty times without ever getting tired of them!

More pictures? View Slideshow? Send e-card?"

Next time in Belgium: 16 July: Dour-festival

Be there! Bring your bananas and put on your dancing shoes. Monkipunk rules the jungle!

More pics and reviews of Boo! gigs in Belgium: http://monkipunk.skynetblogs.be
Even more pics: http://www.monkipunk.com
Join the Boo! group @ yahoo: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/boolive/
The official Boo! website: http://www.boolive.com

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Review by Jan Lissens, the living proof that creative technical writers do exist!

"Den Hemel" literally means "Heaven" and, last saturday, for a large number of enthusiastic Monkipunkers it was. I was saddened by the fact that it was, for me at least, the last gig I'd see until the next European tour, but fortunately, Boo! obliged by making it last.

The travelling trio were as good as ever, and they played a number of songs I hadn't heard on a gig for quite some time ("Franki", "Hosanna" and "OO AA"). "OO AA", by the way is the song that my five-year old refers to as "aapmuziekje" which translates as "monki music". Since it comes out of the mouth of the proverbial babe, I guess whoever chose the name of the music, chose it well.

The Boo! entourage (if you can call Marcel an entourage) was, as always, quite busy before the show, setting down water and beer bottles, sticking playlists to any odd place and so on. Actually, sticking playlists to any odd place is something Marcel apparently quite enjoyed, since he could not stop and even did it during the show. My advice would be: if you stick a playlist to the floor, use LARGE characters ;-). I also wondered where I saw his pair of jeans before, and then it hit me (the thought, not the jeans): in about every Boo! gig I ever saw. Must be his lucky pair.

The audience was behaving in a very odd manner. The front half of the audience, which naturally included me (I'm one of those usually glued to the stage) was dancing and rocking and thoroughly enjoying themselves, while the back half was just standing there, hardly moving, in a sort of mildly amused haze. I strongly suspect the owners of "Den Hemel" of having mistaken floor wax for glue while buffing the back half of the room.

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I could go on and on about the music, the twenty-four octave

I could go on and on about the music, the twenty-four octaves Chris can vocally reproduce, Ampie's ability to play a zillion instruments at once and still look like he's having the time of his life, and Boney Leonie's percussionistic prowess, or about a great new song called "I Lyk Your Typ", but I won't...

Instead, I will take you on a Monkipunk tour of that great and forgotten form of poetic pastiche which is, of course...

po...po...po...poooooooo... the Limerick! ()

As the great Willy himself put it: without much further ado, I present to you the latest product of my totally spaced out cerebrum:


Chris, a South African Synger
His performance, oh how did it lynger
His danced o'r the stage
in a Monkipunk rage
While rapping his base guitar with his fynger

His giant friend, named Ampie so aptly
Plays numerous instruments adeptly
And when he gets a chance
He plays 'em all at once
So that all other musicians seem ineptly

There is also the drummer named Leon
Who drums like no other this eon
During a show in Arlons
He overheated his batons
So Marcel had to cool 'm with freon

Marcel, it should well be mentioned
As manager rarely gets any attention
Though he does a great deal of work
He has a very odd quirk:
He wears jeans from another dimension

Until we meet again, fellow Boo!ddhists and, whatever you do, do not forget to Boo!

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Chris looking gorgeous

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Ampie giving everything of himself

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Princess Leonie

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Chris looking gorgeous again

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Chris headbanging

De officiële playlist zag er ongeveer zo uit: 
Amsterdam -Afro - Room - Sting - Star - Ben Hur - Hosanna - I Ying I Yang - OO AA - ???Avrocado Pair - Wannabe - Open - ??? LYT - Home - TNTLC - Krusti - #1 - Come
Maar ik heb de indruk dat ze codetaal gebruiken, want veel van die titels vind ik niet terug en bovendien hebben ze veel nummers gespeeld waarvan de titels niet op deze lijst voorkomen.

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Chris en Ampie uit de bol op Dj. Draaisnol

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The Invitation Wave-Gothic-Electro meeting 2004

Here you'll find pictures and reviews of The Invitation Wave-Gothic-Electro meeting 2004 in Ghent. Sorry guys, Dutch only, next year I'll write in English, I promise!
The program looked as follows:
My reviews: http://invitationprologue.skynetblogs.be

5 March 2004:
15:00 - 16:30 ROSA CRUX (F)
17:00 - 18:00 SALTATIO MORTIS (D)
18:30 - 19:30 A.S.P. (D)
20:00 - 21:15 TANZWUT (D)
21:45 - 23:00 DIARY OF DREAMS (D)
23:30 - 01:00 VNV NATION (UK)
My reviews: http://invitationday1.skynetblogs.be

6 March 2004:
12:15 - 13:15 SITD (D)
13:45 - 14:45 VIOLET STIGMATA (F)
15:15 - 16:15 PRIDE AND FALL (NOR)
16:45 - 17:45 QNTAL (D)
18:15 - 19:25 KIRLIAN CAMERA (I)
19:55 - 21:10 CLAN OF XYMOX (NL)
21:40 - 23:00 COVENANT (S)
23:30 - 01:00 AND ONE (D) 
7 March 2004
11:30 deuren open
12:15 - 13:15 GOD MODULE (USA)
13:45 - 14:45 ELUSIVE (NOR)
15:15 - 16:15 DECODED FEEDBACK (CAN)
18:15 - 19:25 ICON OF COIL (NOR)
19:55 - 21:10 DE/VISION (D)
21:40 - 23:00 DAF (D)
23:30 - 01:00 WOLFSHEIM (D)

More pics and videos: www.purplemoon.be


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Purpose of Ad Mortem Festinamus

Ad Mortem Festinamus (“We party till we die”) is a weblog mainly dedicated to music. It seeks to promote a number of genres that are less well known to the broader public, e.g. gothic, folk music or any other kind of “alternative” music.

On this weblog, I will announce the events that I’m planning to attend and I will try to publish reviews and pictures afterwards. I’m neither an expert in folk or gothic music, nor in any other type of music, so I won’t start juggling with facts and figures. What I see is what you get! I will write about what I hear, what I see, what I feel and what I thought the others felt. All this will be spiced up with a pinch of humour, of course.

Since opinions differ, I also asked a few other people to collaborate in writing reviews. Depending on our inspiration, our announcements and reviews will be written in English or in Dutch.

YOU can also collaborate by posting your comment: just click “Comments”.
I truly hope you'll enjoy visiting this weblog! Be sure to drop by regularly!

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