Are you visitor n° 2000?

I've just noticed that my counter approaches the 2000 mark! Not bad, ey? Especially when you know that this weblog has only been created on 14 March 2004, which is about a month and a half ago. This averages out at 42 visitors a day. Not that I think every single one of those hits entails people actually reading my articles, but nevertheless, if some of them do, I'm already more than satisfied.
So, I'd really like to celebrate the 2000th hit!
What's the plan?
Check the counter. If it happens to display n° 2000, send me an e-mail with your name (or nick), your url (if you have one), some information about yourself, a funny story ... anything will do! You can write in Dutch, English or French (or even Polish!).
What's in it for you?
If you are one of my friends, I'll buy you a drink next time I'll see you!
If you are a fellow blogger (or if you have your own website), I'll present your weblog (or website) on Ad Mortem Festinamus.
If you are a noble stranger without a website, I'll write something about you, based on the information you gave me and, of course, you'll get a big "thank you"!
I look forward to hearing from you!

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