Oi Va Voi: the sequel

On our way to our friend’s car, the five of us were just chatting about what an amazing concert we had witnessed, when we spotted the car with two jackets lying in the gutter next to it. “Strange, we left our jackets in the boot of the car, didn’t we?” our friends said. Then, it began to dawn on us: window smashed, backpack stolen out of the boot… Its contents? Identity card, driving licence, credit cards, house keys, 200 EUR worth of food and gift vouchers, …

At least two other cars had suffered a similar fate and at least one of the other cars belonged to a couple who also returned from Oi Va Voi’s concert. By the way, those cars all were parked at a distance of 100 m from a police office, which was obviously closed.

Then the trouble started. We stopped a police officer, but he referred us to the office of Schaarbeek, because he was “busy”. Since we didn’t know our way around Schaarbeek and since our driver used to live in Evere, he called the police office in Evere for advice. There, they told him that he should go to the office near Madou. When we finally arrived at Madou and explained our case, the police officer told us: “Sorry, you’re not in the right zone, you should go to the Grand Place”. Maddening, isn’t it? Luckily, one of my friends is a great negotiator and he convinced the officer to do us a favour and draw up a report of the offence. Three of us stayed in a waiting room for a whole hour, while the two others were explaining everything. And you know what? When push came to shove, we turned out to be in the “right” zone!

Like true fakirs, sitting on bits and pieces of glass on the back seat of the car, we started our trip back to Ghent at 2:00 A.M. in the morning.

Well, the thieves damaged the car and were able to steal a backpack, but, at least, they couldn’t deprive us of the great concert we’d attended!


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