One of the elements that I find particularly beautiful in Oi

One of the elements that I find particularly beautiful in Oi Va Voi’s music is Steve Levi’s clarinet. It’s an instrument that I’d almost completely forgotten about, because it rarely is given such a prominent role in the types of music that I generally listen to, but it really adds a lot of emotion to the music. Steve Levi also did the vocals on a few songs, such as “Od Yeshoma” and “Yesterday’s mistakes”, which they played last.

That song is an outstanding example of the perfect marriage between Klezmer and dance, combining beautiful English lyrics sung by KT and compelling Yiddish vocals by Steve Levi. It will be their next single, and I hope it will make it to the Belgian charts, for I haven’t been able to get the words out of my head for days now! “I refuse to replay the mistakes that we made yesterday. They were yesterday’s mistakes…”. An excellent motto, don’t you think?

During that song, the audience really went wild and Oi Va Voi was given a standing ovation… Well, not that we were sitting down at first, (I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the reprobate who decides to schedule Oi Va Voi in a room full of comfy chairs!) but you understand me, right? A thunderous applause brought them back on stage and they played “Refugee” a second time. The audience seemed to explode and convincingly joined in with the song. What a magnetic atmosphere there was! Everybody wanted the concert to go on forever and when the musicians left the stage again, the audience just kept on singing “Refugee”, to call them back for a second time, a request the band willingly granted. They seemed genuinely pleased with this warm reception, but they certainly more than deserved it! Try as I might to describe to you the live capacities of Oi Va Voi, it’s something you should experience for yourself, but be careful, they are dynamite!


The official Oi Va Voi website: http://www.oi-va-voi.com/

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