Daft festival in Waregem on 22/05

Full circle

In fact, it was for nostalgia’s sake that I went to the Daft festival at the Steeple in Waregem.

I didn’t know any of the bands beforehand, except for Hybryds, because I own a “Head your mind” compilation CD, dating back to 1993 (Gee, I’m getting old!) featuring two Hybryds tracks. I was introduced to this type of “floating” music by a friend of mine who was very into psychedelic music, ambient and soundscapes.

You can imagine my surprise when I came across the name “Hybryds” in the “dark” world of gothic, electro and industrial!

After more then ten years I’ve come full circle…


With the circumspection of a chess-player, Magthea was pushing and pulling switches and turning buttons while alternately putting on his earphones and leaving them off again. That might sound extremely boring to you, but I found it rather intriguing.

By the way, the name Magthea comes from “Magisch Theater”, a place where everything is possible, and is taken from “Der Steppenwolf”, an exquisite but extremely complicated book written by one of my favourite authors, Hermann Hesse.

Hybryds’ delightfully floating soundscapes were supported by matching video projections. At first, although sexually explicit, the projections were merely artistic, in beautiful shades of yellow. However, soon they began featuring images of bondage sex. Call me a sissy, but I’m not really into that stuff and I think I never will. On the other hand, there’s no denying that, from an artistic and technical point of view, the projections were rather impressive. Towards the end, slogans were projected, such as “Whether we want to admit it or not, we are designed as sexual beings”… No denying it, but I’ll skip the bondage, thank you (unless I get to hold the whip...)!


After Hybryds, we were in for two industrial bands. I must admit that listening to industrial is not really my favourite pastime, but the whole point of Ad Mortem Festinamus is inciting people to broaden their horizons, so I have to set an example, right? (of course, I won’t broaden my horizons infinitely: for example German and Dutch schlagers really are beyond the limit!)


Here are my pics of the Daft festival at The Steeple in Waregem, featuring:

  • Hybryds (unfortunately their website seems to be down)

  • Geistform (anyone knows the url of their website?)

  • DJ sets by Dirk Ivens.

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daft nice review! :-)

Gepost door: liesbeth | 24-05-04

Hoi!! tof Wow, wat een update!! :-) :-) :-)
Dat ziet er al stukken knapper uit dan de eerste versie, Applaus :-)

Nice review!

Gepost door: Vincentje D | 24-05-04

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