Again no luck

Even the beer didn't do the trick this time...
Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to witness a historic moment:
just picture me saying "I give up"...
Even my pigheadedness has its limits.
I think I'll stop bothering my visitors for a while... well, for a short while maybe.  

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Give up??? Don't even think about it!!! Keep going on!!!


Gepost door: Pliske | 27-05-04

give it up? well if only I had known you'd buy me a coke or limoo or an orange juice...I'd have returned till i got that nr3333!!!!!!!!!!
héhé...well why bothering 'bout numbers of visitors?
it's not the number of the visitor that counts, it's the visitor himself that counts!!
have fun and cheers anyway!

Gepost door: cms | 27-05-04

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